Your new and exciting journey is about to begin...

Welcome to Weald. We hope you are excited to join us in September. Indeed, the move from primary to secondary school is an exciting time in anyone's life. For some though, it can be a little daunting. A new and bigger school offers a chance of greater independence as well as many new opportunities and experiences. It also means new teachers, new subjects and a brand new set of friends.
On this page, you will find a selection of resources to help you get to know Weald a little better. And there's more to come, as we add to the page over the coming weeks.
We hope the videos, featuring our Head of Year 7 Miss Cooper, the reading list and other information (including our Virtual Tour) help answer some of the many questions you may have and goes some way to prepare you for your secondary school journey.
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Firstly, for students:

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Secondly, for parents and carers: 

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Messages to you from our current Year 7s

We hope that the above films have helped answer some of the many questions new students, as well as parents and carers, may have about the transition to grammar school.
No doubt you have many more questions, that's why we've asked our current Year 7s for any top tips and advice that they'd like to share with new Year 7s. Below are a sample of their thoughts on the matter.

Making Friends and getting used to a new school

"When I first came to Weald, I was terrified, even though I already had some friends in the same class as me. But I didn’t know 24 of the people there, let alone the other 150 students in the rest of the year.
I have made loads of new friends and I would feel comfortable working with anyone in my class. Put yourself out there and make friends for yourself. And make friends with people from different classes as well because some of your lessons might be with them, like tech, or sometimes PE."

"I had such amazing friendships in primary school and never thought I would be able to find friends as close. However, I am delighted to say that I have met the loveliest girls and can’t wait to see them all again. I learnt that you just have to be yourself to find the right friends for you.
All the teachers are absolutely lovely, and will help you with anything that you need, never be afraid to ask. I learnt that you really have to tell people how you feel, because you will find the whole experience much easier."

"I’m sure you’re probably nervous about joining a new school - but trust me there’s nothing to worry about. Weald is the best school I’ve ever been to and I’m so glad I chose this school."

"There is no need to think 'I will have no friends'. It's better to think that everyone is a friend that you haven’t quite gotten to know yet. Not everyone will come out with 10 new friends, yet everyone will come out knowing a bit more about each person day by day. Not everything happens immediately, you may or may not come out with a friend, everyone is different, but you can always certainly rely on everyone to be a friend for you."

"Get stuck in. Volunteer to become a Class Rep. I volunteered and was so pleased when I was nominated. Myself and one of my now closest friends did it together. We hardly knew each other then, but we are so close now and have load of memories from only one year.
The canteen does great food. Waffles are my personal favourite, there are also slushies and ice creams in summer and hot chocolate in the winter. Don’t forget to have the best time ever. This is secondary school and it the next stepping stone in your life. It will be full of cool experiences and you will make friends for life. My Year 7 went by so fast; every moment was awesome."

"If you’re feeling nervous or anxious, if you want to tell anybody, you always have your Head of Year or teachers. You will also be assigned a Year 8 buddy.
Also, try and put yourself out there, play the games, put your hand up, share your opinion and maybe sit next to someone you don’t know, so you can get to know them."

"Whatever your interests (sport, art, reading etc) you are bound to find a club that you can join. To begin with, don’t sign up to too many clubs or else you might feel stressed. But remember, Clubs are a great way to find new friends outside you class."
Two Year 7s

"Just be yourself. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true. If you’re going to make friends, they want to see the real you. Another thing, people stress about is that they are worried about making friends. But I am telling you now: Don’t worry. There is always someone in the class who will be your friend."

Handy tips for the first few weeks

  • Don’t be scared to ask questions. If you don’t understand something, don’t stay silent. People are always happy to help. It’s very normal to be nervous and a bit unsettled for the first few weeks, it will pass and you’ll be okay after a while.
  • There’s always someone you can talk to if you need support or feel unwell. That’s what Student Services are for.
  • You will get a little bit of homework, but never too much. Weald is good at giving out the perfect amount. You’ll usually complete it in your book for that subject and it’s all given and recorded in an app called EduLink.
  • You’ll get a school email account where you’ll be able to receive and send emails and it’ll all be explained and set up in the first few IT lessons.
  • Your books and belongings are stored in a locker that’s either in, or near, your form room. You’ll get a chance to get your books for lessons at lunch and break time.

Thank you so much to our current Year 7s. As mentioned above, the comments are just a sample of the advice collated by school staff. I'm sure you'll agree that they highlight the kindness and strength of spirit in our school community.