Pastoral Care

The school is committed to delivering its ethos of academic excellence and personal success for all students.  We are determined to deliver an outstanding level of quality of care to all of our students and to provide an inclusive education that values everyone’s contribution to the whole school community.  We ensure that our students’ welfare is of paramount importance and that our students’ safety is our top strategic priority.  We are committed to removing barriers to learning and enabling all students irrespective of their individual learning needs or starting points to access the curriculum.  Happiness at school is the key to future student success and we work in partnership with all stakeholders to provide our students with an education that is based upon supporting our students to be happy, healthy and successful at school.  We value academic success equally with personal success and the development of the whole student is at the heart of both quality of education and quality of care.

Everything we do at Weald of Kent aims at developing a culture of learning underpinned by our values: Individuality, Integrity, Good Manners, Tolerance and Resilience.

By the time they leave Weald of Kent at the end of their secondary school life, we wish our students to

  • Be happy, positive, responsible, ambitious and proactive
  • Lead a good life
  • Demonstrate resilience and emotional awareness
  • Be compassionate and listen to others
  • Value modern democracy
  • Show great ability, knowledge and skills
  • Endeavour to become a life-long learner with transferrable skills
  • Respond to challenges
  • Aim to do well
  • Think hard

Get ready for post-18 life and employability in a global world