Thank you for considering Weald of Kent for your child. 

Students normally join the school at 11+ having successfully gained a Kent selective place through the PESE process. Sometimes entry is possible into other year groups and full details about the admissions and appeals processes for students aged 11-16 can be found in the Admissions Policy. We are also delighted to welcome new students into our co-educational Sixth Form and entry details are again provided in the Sixth Form section of the website.

Working supportively alongside parents and students, we believe, is central to our ethos that values and nurtures individuality. Equally this robust partnership stimulates our drive to secure opportunities for students to achieve high academic results whilst still affording them a platform to extend their personal qualities.

We understand the importance of identifying the most suitable secondary school and value the trust parents place in us when they select Weald of Kent. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Office, who can help you to explore how our school can match your child’s academic and personal ambitions.