Weald of Kent is an exceptional organisation, which allows all members of its community to experience personal success.  The leadership of the organisation is structured to support staff in the delivery of the key aspects of school life, quality of education, behaviour and attitudes and personal development. 

The Senior Leadership Group operates around three distinct strands, which although separate operate as a cohesive whole to ensure the effective leadership of the organisation. The three key areas are, Quality of Education, Quality of Care, and Operations.

Middle Leaders are given the freedom to lead their areas as their professional judgment directs, whilst also being offered the support and in turn accountability to be able to be brave, act with integrity and be recognised for their work.

Teachers are leaders in their classrooms, and we believe in allowing them to use their knowledge and understanding of their specialist areas to deliver amazing learning opportunities for the students in their care.  With the guidance and support of Heads of Department and other Middle or Senior Leaders, we seek to create a culture of open discussion around the quality of education and the delivery of a curriculum, which is broad, balanced and inspirational.

Support staff colleagues are recognised equally as leaders in their field and we value the impact that they have on the educational opportunities for our students.  As with other leaders in the school, they are offered the support and accountability to be able to drive forward in their respective areas.