Beyond the curriculum

At Weald of Kent, we have a clear understanding of our students’ potential and abilities, and therefore their cultural capital that needs to be broadened to play an active part in our modern and fast-evolving world. As a result, we are offering a variety of opportunities that we consider as “essential knowledge that our students need to acquire to become educated citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said, and helping to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.”


Our students have access to a wide and enriching experience of social, moral, spiritual and cultural education across the school.All of our curriculum subjects contribute to this aspect of the students’ education, with some subjects: Art; Dance; Drama; English; History; Modern Languages; Music; PE and RE taking a leading role in its delivery.

Reading Scheme

Our librarians work with all departments/faculties to ensure they have on offer relevant books allowing the students to read about and around specific subjects. Reading homework are encouraged, as well as giving students the opportunity to read aloud in lessons. World Book Day is celebrated. Some lesson/pastoral time are also dedicated to reading.

Off-curriculum Days

Weald of Kent Grammar School believes that students must be presented with a wide a range of learning opportunities to ensure that they truly benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum. Developing the creative and cultural intelligence of our students is the centre of our off-curriculum days. There are 5 across the academic year. EMD day and Sports Day are permanent fixtures on our school calendar, whilst the focus of the other days will change annually. Students are divided into their Houses and placed into vertical groups for the day. Off curriculum days also give our students an opportunity to experience both campuses.


Subjects offer a range of local, national and international trips with a clear curriculum purpose and across the key stages. For 2019-2020, our students will have the opportunity to go for example to the House of Parliament, Hever castle, Wingham, Brenscombe, the Surgeon Museum, Harry Potter World, the Science and Natural History Museums, Wakehurst Place, Wildwood Park, Berlin, Ypres, France, Spain

  • Subject-related Competitions in Maths, Science and Languages
  • Exam-related conferences in English, Religious Studies, Media, Drama
  • Sport Fixtures
  • Musical and Dance Events
  • Art and DT Evening and Exhibition
  • University Outreach
  • Oxbridge/Medical/Vet events
  • Career Panel Discussions
  • EPQ presentations
  • Work experience
  • Subject-related student led assemblies
  • Debating
  • 6th Form Academic Tutoring
  • Student School Officers and Ambassadors