In Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education we aim to deliver a broad and flexible curriculum which equips students for their transition in to adult life.  Students work independently, in groups and as a class through topic based work. Every student has one 60 minute PSHCE lesson a week throughout their time at Weald of Kent.

Here at Weald we pride ourselves on our ability to tackle challenging topics and deliver age appropriate, current and relevant PSHCE.

Heads of Year meet regularly with the Senior Assistant Headteacher to enable a bespoke curriculum to be provided in accordance with the needs of the students at that specific time.

By the End of Year 12 

  • Informed about 18+ pathways 
  • Shared plans and goals with staff/family 
  • Fully informed about personal possible pathways 
  • Range of experiences to support applications and support learning
  • Ready to act upon a range of possible 18+ pathways at the start of Year 13

By the End of Year 13 

  • Informed about 18+ pathways 
  • Clarity of chosen personal pathways 
  • Able to respond to range of outcomes on Results 
  • Able to find their own information and guidance 18+

Key stage 3

Year 7

  • Transitions
  • Sex and relationships and personal health and hygiene
  • Global Issues
  • Mental Health
  • Wider world
  • Personal finance
  • Preparing for examinations

Year 8

  • Values and morality
  • Relationships
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Drugs education
  • Careers portfolio (Informed decision making)
  • Personal finance

Year 9

  • Mental health
  • Informed decisions
  • Mental health
  • Sex and relationships
  • Physical health
  • Global issues

Key stage 4

Year 10

  • Employability and interview skills
  • Sex and relationships
  • Staying safe e-safety
  • Mental health
  • Informed decisions
  • Personal finance

Year 11

  • Informed decisions
  • Health and hygiene
  • Revision strategies
  • Sex and relationships
  • Preparation for exams
  • Personal finance

Key stage 5

Year 12


  • We inform the students about a range of 18+ pathways
  • Students complete Personal Profile and start Pathways Log
  • Sixth Form Induction
  • Pathways TM presentation: value of degree, value of school leaver programmes (SLP) and apprenticeship
  • Careers planner: My Strengths, Subjects and Degrees, Uni Courses, LMI, Questionnaire 1
  • Setting up Work Experience (WEX)
  • Pathways TM Employability Day
  • Blood Donors


  • Students explore their options and gather information and guidance
  • Students add experiences and guidance to Pathways Log
  • Careers planner: what's uni like, bestcourse4me/ SACU tools
  • Uni Subject Taster Days
  • January Oxbridge Information Evening
  • Careers planner: what's uni like, bestcourse4me/ SACU tools
  • Uni Subject Taster Days
  • January Oxbridge Information Evening
  • March Higher Education Information Evening
  • March Higher Education fair, Uni of Surrey
  • UEA Admissions Tutor visit
  • Queens College Cambridge visit
  • Blood Donors
  • A Star Future -studying abroad -presentation


  • Students will begin to decide on their chosen pathways
  • Students will begin applications
  • Register with UCAS
  • Elevator pitch, CV builder
  • June Personal Statement workshops
  • July Jane Marshal, Imperial College admissions tutor visit
  • University Open Days
  • 121 with KMS/SS for students seeking alternative pathway
  • Early Application Group
  • July WEX week
  • Careers planner: Questionnaire 2

Year 13


  • Students apply for degree courses through UCAS and SLPs
  • Pathways Update/Log
  • Form Tutor School references
  • Personal Statement workshop
  • Pathways TM Year 13 mentoring
  • Student Finance England visit
  • October 15th UCAS Oxbridge/Health
  • October 31st UCAS deadline
  • Gap 360 visit
  • November Interview/MMI practice
  • Applications to FE Colleges
  • SLP/apprenticeship applications
  • Blood Donors
  • Self Defence


  • Students prepare for their life after Sixth Form
  • January 15th Final UCAS deadline
  • Student Finance application
  • Oyster visit
  • Response to UCAS Offers (CF-CI)
  • University Offer Days
  • Student Survival


  • Students will leave Weald in August with a confirmed destination
  • Revision
  • Examinations
  • Leavers' Morning
  • Leavers' Ball
  • Results Day:
  • UCAS confirmed places, Clearing and Adjustment
  • Year 14 UCAS support