The intention of the Politics curriculum at Weald of Kent Grammar School is to inspire an appetite for debate. Students will develop a detailed understanding of the workings of the UK and US political systems, as well as an in-depth knowledge of political ideologies. We want them construct well-supported, informed political arguments with an evaluative focus that enables them to weigh up the things that work within our political world, and those that do not. This subject has a strong a citizenship focus, emphasising the need to be an active member of society.

Key stage 5

Year 12

  • The role of citizens in politics
  • Pressure groups
  • Elections
  • Referenda
  • Political parties and politicians
  • Courts
  • The constitution
  • Devolved bodies.
  • Ideologies that influence politics: Liberalism, Socialism and Conservativism
  • Anarchism

Year 13

  • The United States political systems
  • The role of the President
  • Congress
  • Supreme Court
  • American public participation in politics