Media Studies at Weald of Kent Grammar School allows students to explore their perception of the media landscape around them and consider how identity is constructed through this. We aim to ensure that students encounter a broad sweep of media industries from the history of newspapers and their place in contemporary society to ever evolving film and video games industries. With an emphasis on representation of social groups through media products, students will be equipped to analyse and evaluate, while dissecting the impact of industry on current affairs and allowing them to develop multi-disciplinary written and practical skills to ensure they emerge as fully-rounded media practitioners.

Key stage 5

Year 12

  • Introduction to Media Language
  • Newspapers – representation, identity and regulation, online and print media
  • The Big Issue – representation and context
  • Music Videos – representation and promotion
  • Print Adverts – media messages
  • Media theory
  • Long Form TV Drama
  • Evolving Media – Minecraft, Radio One Breakfast Show and Jungle Book

Year 13

  • Non-Exam Assessment: making media
  • Media Messages extension
  • Theory application
  • Evolving Media extension
  • Exam preparation