University Survival Workshop

When asked what we as adults may have survived on during our university days, most of us may recall beans on toast or cereal, I know I certainly do! 

We were delighted to welcome Accent Catering in to lead a 'University Survival' workshop in PSHE for Year 13 on how to effectively cook on a budget and ensure they still have a healthy diet. Lots of great tips were shared and they were shown a demonstration of how to make a simple but healthy cous-cous salad.

Students and their teachers were treated to trying some of the food samples such as meat and meat free bolognaise with pasta and cous-cous salad.

As ever, Year 13 listened brilliantly and asked some great questions. All students have received access to a QR code with a link to all the tips shared and a range of simple but nutritious recipes.

Happy cooking!

Mrs Roberts (Lead of PSHE)