Physics Investigation

A group of Year 10 students have been investigating the Physics behind a slinky drop, using light gates and slow-motion technology.  The students were invited to represent Weald at Tonbridge School on 19 May to discuss their findings and perform a range of related experiments.  The event was part of a consortium of local schools, with a focus to engage students who are keen on a career and/or further study in Physics. They have worked in small groups, developing team skills that are needed in a laboratory environment and planning their own experiments.  

One of the students had the following feedback:

Tonbridge School kindly welcomed us to their school to discuss the slinky experiment. We got the opportunity to see how other schools did their experiments and we talked about the physics behind a slinky drop. We also got to work with the other schools performing smaller experiments to further explain how a slinky works. Altogether, it was a wonderful experience.

Well done to our students, who were a huge credit to themselves and the school.