Carnegie Awards Ceremony

Having been lucky enough to get highly sought after tickets in the ballot, 35 Weald Book Club students made their way to the Cambridge Theatre in London on Thursday for the Yoto Carnegie Awards Ceremony, accompanied by Mrs Quinnell, Ms Suttill, Mrs Creak, Miss Fariha and Ms Cope.

Meeting Nathaniel Lessore at the Carnegie Book AwardsIt was a hugely inspiring event celebrating the love of libraries, books and reading. As we gathered outside at the end we were lucky enough to meet Nathanael Lessore, the shortlisted author of Steady For This, so we grabbed the opportunity for a quick photo!

This is what the students had to say:

"All of the authors and illustrators that were shortlisted for the Carnegie event were extremely talented. It was also amazing to listen to all of their thoughts and feelings about reading. I felt honoured to have been able to go to this event and I encourage everyone to start reading more."  Harriet Year 7

"I had an amazing time at the Carnegie trip on Thursday!! It was such an incredible experience to see all of the authors and illustrators who have shared their creative stories for us to read over the past couple of terms. Thank you so much for this exciting opportunity to appreciate the works of these authors as a part of the audience! I really enjoyed our day out."
Julia Year 10

"I had a great time on the Carnegie trip, it was really well planned and I thought that using the 'Matilda The Musical' theatre added to the atmosphere very well, I really enjoyed all the speeches and seeing the authors of the books I have been reading for the past 4 months! Overall, very good."  Allie Year 8

"The Carnegie trip was so much fun, it was exciting to see the authors up on stage after having read their books throughout the past couple of terms. Even more exciting to see who won! It was also held in the theatre of Matilda the musical which made the event even more special. We all had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it!"
Zoe Year 10

"I had a wonderful time on the Carnegie book club trip. The theatre experience was awesome with a really good view of the stage. We got to see all of the authors for the illustration short list and 6 out of 8 authors for the writing, even meeting one at the end of the show. Overall, the experience was quite extraordinary."      
Jane Year 8

"The Carnegie trip was amazing as we got to watch the awards ceremony of the books we have read throughout the term as well as see all the authors. It was even cooler as it was in the theatre of Matilda the Musical adding to the atmosphere of the event!"   
Gemma Year 10

Book Club trip to the Carnegie Book Awards