Biology Field Trip

On 25th March, 53 Year 12 Biology pupils ventured into the wilderness of Epping Forest Field Studies Centre to conduct their fieldwork for their practical endorsement

Whilst most attended with appropriate clothing and footwear, some needed encouragement to overcome the fashion faux pas of borrowing wellies, something they were very pleased with when they entered the bog.

Braving the wind, it was really pleasing to see everyone getting stuck in throughout the day, developing skills in random and stratified sampling and learning how to use a range of equipment to measure abiotic factors, including light intensity and soil compaction. Even though the focus was on the local fauna, we were privileged to see some Muntjack deer and hear a range of birds including Chiff chaffs, Blue tits and a Green Woodpecker.

Altogether, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day out in the wilds.

Conducting biology field work