A Fusion of Cultures

Earlier this year, a group of Year 13 French and Physics students took a trip to visit the ITER nuclear fusion site in the South of France, and to immerse themselves in the local culture.

“We went straight from Marseille airport to visit the planetarium, within the university, where we learned about properties of undiscovered particles, and used a telescope to see the outline of the red sun; its sun spots and solar flares. This increased my interest in learning about space. The following morning we had the experience of seeing the world's cutting edge of physics in practice, which was a powerful experience. Seeing the unification of nations from all over the world despite political differences really shows what humanity can do when they put their heads together. We also had a talk about the environmental and basics of the planning that went behind the ITER project.

Experiencing the French countryside and Aix's city life was another unforgettable memory, from speaking French, to hiking up to some of the most incredible views, and having a picnic near the top of a mountain.”

Tom and Mithu Year 13