IET Faraday Challenge Winners

Six Year 7 Students were given an amazing opportunity to take part in the IET Faraday Challenge, hosted at Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys where a range of schools from Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge also entered teams. The challenge was top secret and still is due to the event still running nationally across the UK. The Students were given some information about the new and exciting BBC Micro:bit, a pocket-sized codeable computer with motion detection, a built-in compass and Bluetooth technology, which is to be given free to every child in Year 7 across the UK. They had to think of their own ideas using the BBC Micro:bit to solve a given problem. The judging panel, when awarding the Students their trophy and Amazon vouchers, commented that the presentation of the Weald of Kent Students’ solution was the best they had seen nationally so far.

All of the Students attending the event were so excited about being selected and absolutely intrigued by the lack of information beforehand! The whole mystery behind this competition really did test all of the Students to think on the spot and problem solve together as teams. The Weald of Kent Students explained how much fun they found Computing and Programming to be. It really has opened their eyes to opportunities, both present and future, available to them in this exciting Industry.

The buzz the competition has created for these Students is something we will continue to build upon through promoting Computer Science here at Weald and encouraging all of our Students to explore further what this subject has to offer. We look forward to attending future events and hopefully, one day in the near future, to hosting our own IET Faraday Challenge. We will now be keeping our fingers cross that Weald of Kent’s score keeps them in the top five nationally to attend a further challenge in London.

A huge well done to, Sophie Tadman, Mutemwa Mtawali, Ruby Waller, Daisy Barker, Emily Shaw and Ella Perera-Burdon.