Psychology Conference

Fifty Year 12 Psychology students attended a prestigious conference in London in March. The keynote speaker was Dr Elizabeth Loftus, arguably one of the world’s top female psychologists, whose famous research into eye witness testimony is studied by AS Psychology students.

In addition, we listened to fascinating talks from other eminent psychologists. Prof. David Wilson, Professor of Criminology at Birmingham City University enthralled us with theories about the British hit man. Prof. Sergio della Sala, Professor of Human Cognitive Neuroscience, educated us about the mismatch between neuroscience and psychology. Phil Banyard from Nottingham University explained about psychology in everyday life. Finally, Cara Flanagan, the author of our A Level text books and an experienced examiner informed us about the psychology of success.

All the students agreed it had been a very interesting and enjoyable day and some even managed to get a photo with Dr Loftus.