Our Vision and Values

  • is that Weald of Kent is the first choice school for parents and students;

  • is to be the standard of excellence in an education where academic and personal success is equally valued;

  • is founded on values which are centred on our students and focused on their learning;
  • is to deliver measurable outcomes for all students from the first day they start their educational journey at Weald of Kent;
  • is to be recognised for quality in everything we do; in the quality of the learning experience we expect; in our routine, rigorous and robust approach to self-evaluation and in our drive to innovate, collaborate and openly communicate; 
  • is based on a consistent approach that values integrity, commitment to each other and celebrates individuality and diversity;
  • is realised through bringing together and developing outstanding colleagues from a range of academic and technical backgrounds and interests;
  • encourages mutual respect and on-going learning.

This shared vision binds all members of our school community together and promotes a culture of respect, trust and confidence.

Our agreed Values are built on:

  • Individuality
  • Integrity
  • Good Manners
  • Tolerance
  • Resilience