LRC Mission Statement

The purpose of the LRC is to support teaching and learning across all departments of the school by providing a welcoming and inclusive learning environment, developing and promoting access to a wide range of information resources and valuing each student as an individual learner. The LRC is committed to helping students to develop the skills they need to become independent learners and thinkers and to encourage a lifelong love of reading.

We are very proud of our Learning Resources Centres at both Tonbridge and Sevenoaks. Both sites are large airy spaces with capacity to seat a whole class for study, an IT area, an issue desk and display areas. There is a separate careers library at Tonbridge.


The Learning Resources Centres are managed by our full-time librarian Mrs Wells, who is happy to help with advice on anything from finding the right book to help with homework to extending your reading tastes with a fiction book you might never have thought of trying! Mrs Wells is assisted by a team of Pupil Librarians, who help with the running of the library at lunchtimes. Pupil Librarians follow the School Library Association Pupil Librarian Toolkit, and work through a series of tasks to demonstrate their knowledge, gaining certificates from Bronze through to Platinum.

Opening Times

Tonbridge        Monday- Friday: 8:35am-4:30pm

Sevenoaks       Monday-Friday Lunchtimes from 1pm