Separated Parents Guidance

Guidance for parents of Weald of Kent Grammar School students who are separated

In families where a student's parents are separated, we recognise that this can be a difficult situation and our main aim is not to put any additional stress on the student concerned. The student is our main priority and we hope parents will make every effort to recognise this and support us and their child.

We therefore request that parents respect the following. This guidance will apply unless there are court orders in place stating otherwise, (and we will need to see copies of such orders), or the whereabouts of one parent is unknown. Parents and partners may need to check on who has legal parental responsibility.

The school will always encourage parents to engage with their child’s education.

The school will:

  • send formal documentation, such as reports, to both parents if requested;
  • send routine school information, such as school trips, to the parent with whom the child lives, in the case of shared access, the parent with whom the child lives for the majority of the time;
  • make available, online access to the student’s profile page, covering academic progress, SEN status and attendance. This can be linked to multiple email addresses;
  • encourage students to be organised, in terms of having homework etc. in the right location to bring into school;
  • not facilitate contact arrangements for a separated parent. If a parent wishes for such arrangements they must do so with the other parent or obtain a ‘contact order’ through a solicitor;
  • not allow a student to be collected during the school day by any parents or guardian without prior arrangement;
  • not be able to prevent a child from being collected from school by a guardian with parental responsibility if the child is happy to go;
  • not accept and pass on messages, gifts or cards for a student on behalf of a parent;
  • need to be informed, through the contact’s sheet, as to the people we may call in the event of an accident or emergency, these will be called in the sequence given to us;
  • not act as a line of communication between parents who are in conflict regarding their child’s education;
  • need to be informed as to who is able to give messages to the school regarding the child’s welfare such as a change in travel arrangements or collection for medical appointments; this may include other family members or partners of a parent;
  • only accept one request for an appointment at Parents’ Evenings, unless there are exceptional circumstances. It is only realistic for teachers to discuss the child once per parents’ evening. We hope parents can make amicable arrangements to accommodate this;
  • request parental permission for ParentPay as part of the financial transaction as well as consent to an anaesthetic or other urgent medical treatment. ParentPay records use the main email address linked to the student. Additional email addresses can be set up on the account and these can be activated with separate usernames and passwords.  If this is required please contact Mrs Bowen in Finance for more information.

We hope this makes the situation clear for parents; it is in line with our Child Protection Policy where we have a duty of care to all our students. 

This guidance will be reviewed in 2018.


Separated Parents School Policy