Weald Systems



Edulink one gives parents and students a way of accessing the information specific to their son or daughter from Year 7, all the way through to Year 13. Personal Information, Attendance Records, Timetable, Set and Achieved Targets, Reports and Behavioural Events are all viewable using this system.  In addition you can view Homework and mark as complete when it is done.


Parent Pay

Parent Pay gives you a more convenient and flexible way to pay for any manner of expense online and helps to keep your child safe. By making cashless payments you know that your money has reached the school safely.

You can view your account statement and payment history, check when payments need to be made and set alerts to tell you when to pay school online. Some schools also display their menu online or report which meal your child chose at lunchtime. Cashless payments help your child’s school be more efficient as administration time in the school office is reduced.

Office 365

Students files are stored on Office 365. The benefit of this is that it not only provide students with 1TB of storage but also that access can be gained seamlessly from anywhere or any device. A side benefit is the ability to download latest version of Microsoft Office at home for free as part of the student advantage program. 


  • Impero monitors our ICT network for inappropriate language and alerts staff if your pupils use:
  • Bullying or threatening behaviour
  • Inappropriate internet sites
  • Computers for unacceptable personal use during lessons
  • It also notifies us of potentially harmful situations, such as:
  • Signs of depression or similar afflictions
  • Predator grooming
  • Sexual, racial or religious harassment
  • Drugs, pornography or gambling

Safer than using blocking software alone, Securus covers all of our computer applications. It also alerts our staff when 'proxy bypass' sites have been used to bypass our internet filtering systems.


InTouch allows us to send important messages to parents instantly via text, voice or email. It integrates with our existing Management Information System and gives us the ability to send hundreds of personalised messages in seconds.

The system can be used to alert parents when pupils are absent or at any time a school needs to communicate with parents/carers, pupils, staff and support agencies in a timely, discrete and personalised manner. For example, notification of lateness, reinforcement of positive behaviour, notification of detentions, exam and coursework reminders, parents evening/review day reminders, emergency messages and keeping people informed about events, rehearsals, fixtures, trips, breakfast and after school clubs, meetings and appointments. The audit trail, archive and record keeping functions also provide powerful evidencing and reporting tools.

This system is now operating in hundreds of schools, delivering highly flexible and refined functionality that advances the school communication system to new levels.