Governing Body

                                                                                                                     Expiry of term of office

Tim French                            Chair of Governors                                    November 2022

Jeremy Dahdi                        Acting Vice-Chair of Governors                 December 2022

Antonia Rubin                       Acting Vice-Chair of Governors                 March 2022

Elizabeth Bone                      Headteacher

Richard Lloyd                        Community Governor                                 December 2022

Gerard Garcia                       Community Governor                                 December 2022

Nick Hurman                         Parent Governor                                         March 2021

Clive Bygrave                        Parent Governor                                         March 2022

Julia Wilson                           Parent Governor                                         March 2021

Becky Blackmore                  Community Governor                                 December 2022

Carmai Pestell                      Community Governor                                  December 2019

John Spavins                        Staff Governor                                             June 2020

James Hill                              Parent governor                                         March 2023                                           

Steven Doyle                         Parent governor                                         March 2023


Strategy Group:

Tim French                            Chair of Governors

Jeremy Dahdi                        Acting Vice-Chair of Governors

Antonia Rubin                       Acting Vice-Chair of Governors

Elizabeth Bone                      Headteacher


Data Protection Officer:

Richard Lloyd                        Community Governor


In addition to the full governor meetings, strategy group meetings and specific responsibilities listed above, governors also act as monitoring pairs to review the activities of the school. 

Details of these pairings can be found below.


  Strategic Area


  Leadership and management including finance


Tim French

Jeremy Dahdi

  Teaching and learning, behaviour and welfare (staff and students)


Gerard Garcia

Nick Hurman

  Safeguarding, student progress, exams and data


Clive Bygrave

Julia Wilson

  Curriculum and timetable


Becky Blackmore

Parent Governor

  Sixth Form


Antonia Rubin

Carmai Pestell

  Sevenoaks/one school ethos


John Spavins

Parent Governor


If you wish to contact the Governing Body, contact details are listed below.


Clerk to the Governing Body –

Chair of Governors –


Clerk to the Governing Body

c/o Weald of Kent Grammar School

Tudeley Lane