Uniform Cashback and Recycling

The PTA Uniform Shop now offers you 30% of the sale price on any uniform you donate, once it has been sold. An email will be sent informing you of any monies due in December and July each year. Any payment due to you will be issued by way of cheque or cash depending on the amount.

Please use the Uniform Recycling Slip when sending in uniform so that we can issue a Student Code for all your donations. This form requires an email address where we can notify you of any monies due.
The procedure for recycling school uniform:
Please remove all name labels before donations are sent into school. Please ensure that all uniform is clean and ready for sale
Uniform can either be taken to Reception or brought into the Uniform Shop on Tuesday lunchtimes. Please use the Uniform Recycling Slip so that we have all your details
A unique Student Code will be issued for each student
Items will be priced by the PTA Uniform Team at their discretion according to condition
Twice a year we will contact you via email to inform you of any money which is due to you. This can then be collected from the Uniform Shop either by a parent/guardian or student (a signature will be required). Cheques will be issued for amounts over £10 and cash for under £10
If any uniform is brought into school without a Uniform Recycling Slip, we will assume that it is a gift.

Please note that we no longer need navy PE tops or navy skirts as they are no longer part of the school uniform. Please keep these items as we will be having a recycling day soon, when you can send in all your unwanted items of clothing to raise money for the school. Please click here to check the school website for full details of the current uniform.
Items which we are always in need of are summer dresses, skirts (both check and black) and jumpers with gold stripes.

Cashback Examples

Item of Clothing  Simmonds RRP Sale Price
(“as new” condition)
Sale Price
(second hand condition)
Check Skirt  £35.95 £20.00 £10.00  £6.00 or £3.00
Black Skirt  £19.95  £10.00 £7.00 £3.00 or £2.10
Jumper with Gold Stripe £23.95 £15.00 £8.00 £4.50 or £2.40
Summer Dress  £37.95  £22.00  £10.00  £6.60 or £3.00

 Many thanks and we look forward to having a thriving School Uniform Shop which will be well stocked and support the school’s “green policy”.

Yasmin Boniface
School Uniform Shop Co-ordinator