Catering at Weald

Weald of Kent Grammar School aims to provide students and staff with a variety of healthy nutritious meal and snack options that taste as good as they look and form an essential part of a healthy balanced diet. In partnership with Accent Catering the School offers modern ethnically diverse dishes that provide a contemporary twist on conventional school meals in addition to traditional meals and snacks for the less-adventurous.

Cashless Catering
Weald of Kent Grammar School operates “cashless catering”. Students pay for their meals in the school dining hall without using cash. Payments for meals are made on-line through Parentpay, where parents can also pay for trips, photos as well as lunches using a debit or credit card. When a student goes to the canteen they simply place their finger on a scanner and the system automatically debits their account.
Unlike a police fingerprint, the system scans the finger and calculates a large digital number from the image. This number is stored as a personal identification number and not an image of the finger. It is not possible to use the student’s personal identification number to recreate a fingerprint.
The cashless catering system has huge benefits in reducing the queuing times for the hundreds of students and staff the school feeds each day and makes life much easier for students, parents and staff. It avoids pupils having to bring cash into school and that alone is a huge benefit to all. Parents can pay money into their child’s account and be sure that it is spent in the school dining hall and not elsewhere. Parents can also request a report which shows precisely what their child has purchased. This is very reassuring for parents whose children have allergies, childhood diabetes or similar conditions where their diet needs careful monitoring. The new system also protects the identity of students on free school meals as their accounts are automatically credited and they pay in the same way as everyone else. The kitchen staff are pleased about the new system too as more staff time can be spent on preparing high quality food rather than handling cash.
General Information Available at Weald

Healthy Eating
The menus are all put into the ‘Nutmeg’ computer program to ensure they meet the 14 Nutritional Standards set by The School Food Trust. Accent has a dietician and is an active member of the Food Standard’s Agency 'Health Catering' sector. Our pizzas are made with Authentic Stone baked Dough topped with 10% fat Mozzarella cheese. We also offer wholemeal pizza and are planning to introduce a fresh dough product shortly. All our pizzas are compliant with the Food Schools Trust guidelines.
We believe in choice whatever the time of day, as can be seen on our sample menu. All the options provide excellent value for money. Menus change seasonally with each new term and favourites feature alongside new, innovative dishes. Themed menus celebrate different cultures and offer students an opportunity to sample foods from other countries/cultures.
Environmental Considerations
Sustainable sourcing, fair-trade and food miles are all taken very seriously. All our food is made from the freshest ingredients that, where possible, are locally sourced. All our packaging, plates, cups and cutlery is biodegradable and in many cases made from recycled materials. Our meat and poultry is British, we use only free range eggs and 75% of our fruit and vegetables are grown in Britain.

6th Form Café
At the Hard Wok Café students and staff can enjoy the 'grab and go' facilities providing high street style snacks, sandwiches and 'bean-to-cup' coffee from 08:30-14:00, as well as all the healthy options available in the main school.
A selection of mini cereal packs, bacon rolls, toasted fruit buns, crumpets, giant cheese baps, fruit pots and yogurts are just the way to start the day.
Morning Break
Panini's, pizza, sandwiches, wraps, baguettes and salads are available as well as hot chocolate, coffee, milk shakes, fruit juices, fruit and yoghurt pots.
A delicious selection of homemade hot and cold food is available. Choose from freshly made soup with fresh bread, a main meal, vegetarian dish, paninis or pizza, two pasta dishes and jacket potatoes with a selection of fillings followed by a selection of hot and cold desserts.