Governing Body

As an Academy we are part of the community and the governing body reflects the mix of people that have an interest in our community. Our responsibilities fall into three main areas - Setting a strategic vision, accountability for the educational and financial outcomes, and acting as a ‘critical friend’ by offering support and challenging the school to provide the best possible education for its students. We work collectively with the headteacher to improve the outcomes for every individual at the school. We work as a team and have no individual powers or responsibilities but for effective management some of these have been delegated to individual governors by the full governing body.


The committee is an enthusiastic team of parents and staff who would welcome suggestions for fund-raising as well as feedback on any recent events. We also hope to act as liaison between school and families bringing talents and resources together to help benefit the school. If you have a skill you can offer (anything from face painting to trombone player!) please let us know. Perhaps you have business connections or a business of your own that can access equipment for fundraising events at a good rate - marquees, trestle tables, printing or graphic resources, or equipment that would benefit the students in daily life.

Development Trust

The school’s Development Trust was set up to help fund improvements to the learning environment. With the generosity of over three-quarters of our parents we have been able to complete many projects that have had a significant impact on all of our students. As a registered charity, we can claim back taxes from the government through Gift Aid which boosts the value of donations.

Weald of Kent Alumni

Weald of Kent Alumni is a register of former students and staff who wish to be updated about reunions and special events at the school. All have wished to maintain a connection with the school that holds happy memories for them and to follow the current success of the school.

Duke of Edinburgh

It’s a real adventure. Every section gives you something different, opening up new experiences, talents, and challenges while meeting new people along the way. Achieving the award will also help give you the skills, confidence and view on life that everyone from employers to universities are looking for.