Media Studies

A-level Media
Examination board: OCR

Course Components

Paper one: Media products (institutions and audiences, theoretical frameworks) Written Examination 1 hour and 45 minutes including 10 minutes viewing time. Worth 65 marks and 32.5% of A level.

Paper two: Media in a Digital Age (media industries both contemporary and historical, evolving media forms and global media). Written examination 2 hours. Worth 75 marks and 37.5% of A level.

Non-exam Assessment: Making Media (three linked cross-media products in an advertising and marketing campaign). Worth 60 marks or 30% of A level.

General information:

This Media A level is designed to widen the intellectual horizons of the student, through analysis of both global and historical media. It encourages the development of critical and reflective thinking through contemporary media critical debates, both as analytical media consumers and producers of media products.

The course is designed to offer a broad, coherent and rigorous course of study, and which will inspire students to continue to learn beyond the classroom, and give them an experience of questioning and analysing which will serve them in both Higher Education and the workplace.  The aim of the Media department at Weald of Kent is to stretch and challenge all our students to improve their understanding of the contemporary landscape and to question the world they see presented to them in the Media. Students will consider the presentation of Media but will also investigate audience and purpose, alongside developing their own skills as media practitioners through the creation of media products. At the end of the course they will be have developing an understanding of the dynamic and changing relationships between media forms, products, media industries and audiences and will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the global nature of the media.

Term Year 12 Year 13
1 Representation and news Long form television drama
2 Alternative and online editions Coursework
3 Advertising and marketing Coursework
4 Changing Platforms Revision
5 Evolving Media Examinations
6 Evolving Media