Development Trust

Weald of Kent Development Trust

Providing a stimulating well equipped academic learning environment is critical to the development of our progressive curriculum and success. We continually strive to enhance facilities for all our students and staff. Weald of Kent has been able to continue to maintain its facilities through prudent financial management, the superb fundraising efforts of the PTA and through parental donations to the school’s Development Trust.

The Weald of Kent Development Trust appeals to everyone in the school community to make a gift: parents, staff, governors, old students, suppliers, local businesses and other friends. It is not the level of generosity but the participation that is key. We appreciate gifts that are meaningful to you but not a burden.

If you would like to donate, either a one-off or regular gift, please use the form on the following link:

Development Trust Letter

and return to

James Stillgrove-Smith at Weald of Kent Grammar School, Tudeley Lane, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 2JP

Alternatively, for more information please email:

Telephone 01732 373500

Thank you for supporting our School