You probably have many questions and concerns, these tend to be sorted out in the first few days but we thought we’d answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

What are the times of the school day?

Morning Registration starts at 08:45
Five lessons per day (1 hour)
Break is 11:15-11:35
Afternoon Registration is 13:25
School day finishes at 15:40

If I miss registration what should I do?

Go to Student Services and sign in. It is essential you achieve 95% attendance. Job references and universities always ask for your attendance record.

If I am ill during the day what should I do?

Go to Student Services and sign out. Tell your tutor and teaching staff if possible.

Should my parents phone in when I am ill?

Yes, but this needs to be supported with a letter on your return.

Do I need a note when I am ill?

Yes, it is essential or it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

How can I find my way around?

Everyone here at Weald is really welcoming, so if you get lost, don’t worry, there are plenty of friendly faces you can ask. Your school diary will also contain a map too, just in case!

How can I record my homework?

You will be issued with a school planner diary, with plenty of space for a timetable, homework.

Where can I study in my non-contact lessons?

We have The Hard WOK Café, the LRC, The Mezz and the Sixth Form Hub available for private study. Students are also welcome to use free rooms for study.

How do I access the school computers?

You will be given a login code and password on arrival, you can change the password to something you will remember. You will also be given a PIN for the school printers, where you can send an item to print from any computer in the school collecting your work at any printer by entering your personal printer code.

Do I need to buy stationery?

Some teachers will issue you with exercise books, whereas in other subjects you will need folders and file paper. It’s really important to keep your notes organised! Check with teachers for subject-specific equipment, you will need a scientific calculator for all sciences. Calculators and graphics calculators are available to purchase at a discount from the Maths Department. You will be told if you need to purchase a text book in your first lesson.

What extra- curricular opportunities are there?

We offer a wide range particularly in Sport and Music but there is a Book Club, Science Ambassador Group, Charity Forum, Amnesty International, school magazine and many more!

How can I apply for extra responsibilities?

There are plenty of opportunities available such as Head Student, School Officers, Senior Prefects, Prefects, Form Representatives, Amnesty International, Science, Humanities and MFL Ambassadors, peer mentoring, cyber bullying mentoring, Year Book Team and School Magazine. You will be notified as and when these opportunities are available.

When can I have my driving lessons?

Only in non-contact time. You must not miss any taught lessons or Supervised Study Sessions. You should try to arrange your theory test in holidays or non-contact time.

What if I think I have made a poor choice of A Level Subjects?

Speak to your tutor immediately who will consult with your teachers. If it’s within a month of starting in September it may be possible to change subjects. Our policy is that all students do 4 subjects at A Level. There will be opportunities to drop to 3A Levels in January or July of Year 12 when you can then pickup the EPQ.

How will I know if I’m on track with my subjects?

You will be issued with targets, which will give you a benchmark. Throughout the year you will get 2 interim reports and one full report with teacher comments and targets. Don’t hesitate to ask your teacher for feedback on your progress.

What should I do if I have a problem with an exam?

Speak to your subject teacher, or alternatively see Mrs Blackmore-Dunphy in the Examinations office on the first floor of the Mathematics and Examinations building.

What help is there if I feel stressed?

We are very proud of our support which we offer through Student Services. They can give advice on medical matters, emotional support and set up counseling sessions. Mrs Barker, Mrs Tinarwo and your tutors are always on hand to help.

How do I pay for lunch and snacks?

You have your own Sixth Form Café and can use the dining hall, but we use a cashless system which means you have to have money paid into your account.

How can I store my books?

Students don’t carry bags around the school but each is allocated a locker. Yours will be in the locker room opposite the cafe.

Where are the Boys’ toilets?

On the top floor of the Humanities block, outside the LRC and in the Science Corridor opposite A4 and behind the school stage.

How strict is the Dress Code?

We expect you to be smartly dressed as though working in an office, meaning no jeans or denim. We will send students home who we perceive are not suitably dressed. Remember, Sixth Formers act as role models to all other students. All Students are expected to wear a suit with trousers or skirt and a shirt/blouse (See Home School Agreement for specific details).

How will I know how/when to apply to University?

We are very proud of our student support for university applications and we are very successful in advising students towards securing first choice offers. We have a specialised programme which will see you through the whole process.

When should I visit Universities?

The best time is the summer term of Year 12, during the summer holidays, at Easter, or early in September in Year 13.

How many visits does the school allow?

We recommend about four visits. You need to do your research online before deciding to visit any university. You need to fill in the university visit form and get it signed by your teachers before you go. We will authorise two visits per academic year.

Where can I read prospectuses and find out about Open Days and careers?

The careers library is on B floor in the LRC and Ms Swanton is always available there. We also have Mrs Williams available to offer impartial career advice. Research online too.

Where can I park?

We offer no parking on site. Our neighbours are unhappy about students parking in Tudeley Lane, so we recommend that you park on Pembury Road or in the Vauxhall Pub car park.

How do I get a reference for a part time job?

Ask your tutor or Mr MacSporran, and they will gladly write you a reference. Please ask their permission first before passing on their contact details.

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